How To Weight Your Dive Flag So That It Stays Upright

Secure Your Dive Flag When Snorkeling Or Diving So That It's Stay Upright

If you snorkel or dive quite often, you will know that dive flags are very important because it keeps you safe from external harm while underwater.

And if you want to find out how you can weight your dive flag so it stays upright, noticeable enough to oncoming boats. Keep reading then.

They are lots of creative ways one should be able to think of to keep your float (also buoy) upright, however, only one method is acceptable and you will find out soon.

In this guide, you will learn how to weigh your dive flag so that it stays upright and noticeable, and more.

How To Secure Your Dive Flag When Snorkeling Or Diving So That It’s Stay Upright

It is always important to set up your dive flag, float or buoy the right way so that it can be properly seen even from miles away by oncoming traffic.

So if you are worried about keeping your flag upright, It is a good thing as we all need to feel safe while doing what we love.

While a lot of divers would advise tying the strap of the flag to a nearby pole, this is not advisable as you have to drag the flag with you, to whichever spot underwater you are since that’s how you indicate that you are there.

So, the best way to weigh your dive flag is to just carry it along with you, no need to keep it upright and as long as it is floating on the surface of the water, you are good to go.

In the case where you are still not comfortable with how your flag is floating, you can always invest in a larger flag or buoy, since the bigger the better.

In summary, these are some tips on how to weight your dive flag so that it stays upright:

  • Hold the strap of the dive flag in your hands, and take it along with you.
  • Always keep the flag right above you and lets others know where you are.
  • Do carry surface markers and spools in case you need to ascend from a different location.
  • Check your local laws regarding dive flags to be sure you are using the correct specifications as some cities’ rules on dive flags are different from the others.
  • If you are still not comfortable with the way your flag floats, purchase a bigger dive flag or go for a buoy.


Most divers prefer to just tire the strap of their dive flag onto a nearby pole, they do it like that because they do want to give away their best dive sites.

It is not safe as the purpose of dive flags, floats or buoys is to keep you safe while you enjoy a peaceful dive.

So, the safety advice is to always hold the strap of the dive flag in your hands and take it anywhere underwater with you.

However, still keep in mind that you may not be able to secure a dive flag in such a way that it stays upright because it is on water and items never stay upright on water.

The only thing you have to worry about is, making sure there are no leaks, you have the right color, and that the flag is floating enough to be seen from a reasonable distance.

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