How Long Does A Mini Scuba Tank Last Underwater?

Disclaimer: Before sharing the best scuba tanks with you please note that: Scuba tanks are only designed for trained or certified scuba divers, so make sure you have a diver certification at first. And whatever training you have, do not go more than 10 meters underwater, and most importantly BREATH OUT WHILE HEADED TO THE SURFACE.

Are you wondering how long a mini scuba tank can last underwater?

Recently a lot of scuba equipment brands have started making portable scuba tanks, these portable tanks can also be called mini scuba tanks.

Even though they contain a little less oxygen than an average scuba tank, they are still handy underwater, and easy to refill.

The minimalist design and size give you a better back perspective underwater, divers sometimes use them as an emergency oxygen source along with their other diving tanks.

The underwater breathing time of the MINI TANK is determined by the size of the capacity, physical exertion, breathing frequency, water depth, temperature.

A 2-liter mini scuba tank can last up to 25 minutes, a 1 liter will last for about 18 minutes, and a mini scuba tank with a 0.5-liter capacity can last for 10mins.

However, it can last less than the above-stated time as adrenaline and nerves while underwater can increase your breathing up to four times its normal rate.

In this guide, you will learn how long different mini scuba tanks with different capacities last underwater, how deep you can dive with a mini scuba tank, recommended mini scuba tank, and more.

  • How Long Can a Mini Scuba Tank Last Underwater?
  • How Deep Can You Dive With a Mini Scuba Tank?
  • Recommended mini scuba tank

How Long Can a Mini Scuba Tank Last Underwater?

It is important to know long your scuba tank especially a mini one will last at any given depth underwater to regulate yourself properly to not run out of air while diving.

As a rule of thumb, it is not advised to go more than 10 meters while diving with a scuba tank, so putting that into consideration you should know how important it is to know how long a mini scuba tank can last.

For example, a mini scuba tank with a capacity of 2kg can last up to 25 minutes, a 1-liter mini tank will last for about 18 minutes, and the one with a 0.5-liter capacity can last for 10mins.

While there is no straight answer because adrenaline and nerves present while diving can increase your air usage up to four times its normal rate, it is still important to have an idea of what you are up against.

How Deep Can You Dive With a Mini Scuba Tank?

A mini scuba tank can only support diving up to 10 meters (33 ft.) underwater but this depends on the capacity.

That is why it is best to always go with mini diving tanks with a capacity of over 1.50 liters, that way it can last longer (we recommend SMACO S700 2L portable scuba tank).

Recommended mini scuba tank for divers

There are a lot of mini scuba tanks in the market at the time of writing this but if you are a pro diver you would know that all fingers are not equal in that area.

You would know that you cannot just buy any scuba tank you see, you need to be sure because staying alive underwater as a diver is the optimum goal.

Mini scuba tanks are mostly used for short dives like pool cleaning, cave diving, or snorkeling; they are also used by divers as an extra air supply in case of an emergency underwater.

If you are looking for a good and durable mini tank, our pick is the SMACO S700 2L portable scuba tank, which can last up to 25 minutes.

It is very easy to carry, the design is minimalist, and they are DOT and CE (you can find this in the instruction manual).

mini scuba tank

This particular SMACO mini tank weighs about 2.072 kg; the entire tank is made of air-plane aluminum and the surface finishing is hard oxidation and plastic spraying, so it is durable and rust resistant.

And if you pay a lot of attention to pressure measurements, this mini tank has a max working pressure of 3000psi/200bar/20MPa.

In the packaging, there is a silicone mouthpiece that feels very comfortable while diving and also an oxygen cylinder bag made with a breathable fabric which can that can be hand-washed and air-dried.

One more thing, this diving tank usually comes with a hand pump, however, the hand pump isn’t an ideal choice to inflate because it requires at least 30-40 minutes to fill a 1 liter diving tank. Besides, it is very hard, requiring 600-800 pumps. 

It could be considered as an tiring exercise. So we don’t advise the users to use a hand pump to inflate a 2 liter diving tank; for the 1 liter diving tank, it is possible. 

Overall, this mini tank is one of the best we have tested so far, the only downside is that the timing can be changeable but this can be blamed on how nerves and adrenaline work underwater.


Mini scuba tanks are one the best invention that has ever graced the diving world.

From the minimalist design, portability, durability, and to its non-bulky nature, it has recently become a must-have for any certified diver.

These portable diving tanks can be used on their own for short or shallow dives or as a backup air supply, either way, it is something worth investing in.

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