The 5 Best Single-Lens Dive Masks [Buyer’s Guide]

Does single-lens dive mask interest you?

Well then your search is at its end, we are here to offer you the top 5 single-lens dive masks that would serve your diving need.

Single lens dive masks are good for divers who are looking for a broader view of the ocean.

It allows for easy pinching of the nose for divers.

They usually comes in frame and frameless version

The lens is closer to the eye and does not require much air to wipe the mask underwater.

In this guide, you will read our reviews of the best single lens dive mask in the market.

The Best Single Lens Dive Masks In The Market

1. Evo Isla single lens dive mask

We start off with the Evo Isla mask, a highly recommended single-lens mask, very effective and gets the job done.

This is a unisex adult mask for snorkeling, scuba diving, and freediving.

This mask gives a panoramic view of sea life underwater, the clear silicon skirt allows for enough light to come in for clearer view.

It has an adjustable mask strap with a quick release buckle, makes it easy to put on and take off.

It has a double seal that keeps water out, with side ridges that lets this mask sit well on the face.

Has a firm and durable tempered glass and a soft silicone skirt.

Special features:

  • Single lens, with panoramic view.
  • Perfect for both professionals and beginners.
  • It has an adjustable mask strap for perfect fit.
  • It has a mask buckle that can quickly be released.
  • This diving mask is very durable and versatile.
  • It has a soft silicone skirt, and a double seal to keep water out.

2. Aqua Lung Maui single lens dive mask

A very sturdy single lens dive mask, one of the best in the business, it is a unisex mask for adults.  

This dive mask is very rugged, long lasting, very popular, it is mostly used by the military and professional divers.

It is also used for regular swimming activities such as scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling, and spearfishing.

This mask does its job very well, with its large single legs, and a black silicone skirt, it is built to handle the harshness of the deep sea.

It has a simple strap buckle, this adjusts and locks the strap into place.

It has a large single lens, which might not be fancy but it is effective as it’s visuals are excellent in every direction.

It has an effective silicone material which allows the facial skirt to adjust to different facial shape for a seal that is leaking free.

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Special features:

  • It has a large single lens, for clear vision.
  • It has leak-free silicone skirt.
  • Sturdy shatter-proof glass.
  • It has simple strap buckle, locks and adjust strap into place.

3. Tilos Titanica single lens scuba mask

Here is another multi-purpose diving mask by Tilos Titanica that has been made perfectly when Sara (dive team) tried it out she specially loves the high-grade double edge silicone skirt, said it was soft on her face and doesn’t leave creases.

This mask can be used by adult male and it comes with a waterproof mask case for storage.

It has a tempered lens that is shattered resistant, a buckle system style that release quickly.

It also has an increased down view system and it’s tempered glass is anti-fog.

Special features:

  • Has tempered anti-fog glass.
  • Has single one-piece over size lens
  • Has soft double high grade silicone skirt, for perfect seal on your face.
  • Has a fast mask strap release system, to easily take-off the dive mask.

4. Aqua Lung Linea single lens dive mask

This is another great mask from the Aqua Lung brand, but unlike the other that comes second in the list, this one isn’t really used by those in the military, this is a standard sport dive mask.

This is a nice single lens mask made for women divers, it makes use of the latest technology in the dive mask making industry.

It uses micro mask technology, which makes it have an ultimate fit form and function.

Unlike other masks where different pieces are put together the skirt and the frame of the Aqua Lung Linea mask are inseparable.

It allows for a maximized field of vision, because the lens is closer to the face than that of other masks.

This dive mask uses a different texture bands which are around the skirts edge, that allows for an awesome seal against the face.

It enhances the comfort of the mask, because the skirt goes further back on the face.

Special features:

  • Has an inseparable frame.
  • It uses different texture bands around the skirt edge, for outstanding seal against the face.
  • Has an enhanced comfort, because the skirt goes further back on the face.

5. IST Burano single-lens silicon dive mask

And we have the last single-lens mask on the list from the IST Burano brand, it comes in black silicone purple color.

Note that this is a unisex dive mask.

This dive mask is unique in itself, it was made to be very durable, that is one of the first things you would notice about the mask and another thing you will notice is it’s hypoallergenic silicone skirt.

It has a scratch resistant lens and this mask fits comfortable on any face.

It does not have an odd or boring look hence it’s standard and fancy colorful look.

It has a metallic painting design that is unseen on any other single lens mask, this is a mask that stands out among others, but still finds a way to blend in with its surroundings.

This dive mask has a panoramic view underwater, thanks to the single lens, and can be used for snorkeling too.

Special features:

  • It is scratch resistant lens.
  • Has a hypoallergenic silicone skirt, for those with sensitive skin.
  • Its single lens gives a panoramic view underwater.
  • A colorful and fancy looking design.

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