The 6 Best Frameless Scuba Masks For People With Big Nose

Do you have a big nose and you love scuba diving and snorkeling?

Are you having trouble finding a frameless scuba mask that fits well?

If yes, then no need to panic as we have got you covered in that area.

Having nose that is on the big side does make it somewhat difficult to find the perfect mask due to the kind of nose pocket that most dive masks come with these day.

A frameless scuba mask is somewhat preferred over regular masks as the former usually sits closer to you face when you wear them.

This is not to say that regular dive masks aren’t any good, they are but for a person with big or large nose, a frameless dive mask is usually your best bet to more comfort.

So in this guide, you will see our reviews on some of the best frameless scuba masks for people with big or large noses, why you should buy them, why you shouldn’t, and more.

The Top 6 Frameless Scuba and Snorkel Masks For People With Big Nose

1. Atomic venom frameless mask

This is the first scuba mask on this list and we can say it is worth it as this mask is perfect for those with nose on the big side.


This mask was made to give a next-to-nothing level of comfort, has a high level style and optics.

This venom frameless mask is the latest mask by the Atomic brand.

It gives divers more options to choose from since and it’s predecessor: Atomic aquatics snorkel mask has been very popular in the market for a long time now.

So what makes it perfect for those with larger faces and bigger nose?

This mask have been made with the softest silicone material (a gummy bear feel)that just seals on your face in the softest way possible.

Although it isn’t cheap, it offers a wide view underwater, and also has a soft rubber skirt.

In addition to being great on people with big nose, if you also have facial hair this mask can be great for you.

It is comes in red/black colors and grey/black as well, unisex, for adult male and female.


  • Has a wide panoramic view.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes in a single lens style.
  • Has an easy to adjust swivel buckle.
  • Has a reinforced frame beneath the silicone rubber skirt.


  • This scuba mask is a bit on the expensive side.
  • Prone to fogging but there isn’t anything a drop of baby shampoo won’t solve.

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2. Sherwood frameless scuba mask

The Sherwood Rona frameless mask is very effective for those with wider faces, big nose and those with different head size.

It was made to fit no matter the type of facial structure, all thanks to it’s adjustable buckle system.

This mask brings the lens closer for an enhanced view of sea life, it has low volume, and offers a beautiful field of vision.

It equalizes with ease because of the large nose pocket, has tempered glass lens, great seal with its double feathered skirt.


  • Has a pocket for large nose.
  • This mask does not have a frame.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Has glass tempered and anti-fog lens.
  • Adjustable buckle system.
  • Double feathered skirt for great seal on any shape of face.
  • Its mask design brings the lens closer to the face for better field of vision.


This mask is not exactly lightweight.

3. Atomic Aquatics frameless scuba mask

This is the predecessor for the atomic venom frameless diving mask, it might not be as new as the atomic venom mask, but it is just as efficient.

This mask focuses of giving comfort and perfect fitness for those with wider face and bigger nose, it comes in small sizes for those with smaller face, so a win for everyone.

It has one of the widest viewing angle for frameless masks plus it has a large lens and skirt that fits closely to the face.

The lens design of this scuba mask was made to have an effective view in all angles, upwards, downwards, and side to side vision.

It has an optimized area of view, because it does not require an external frame.

The hydrodynamic design is as a result of the squeeze-to-adjust buckles which are tucked behind the lens.


  • It has a very comfortable fit design.
  • Has large lens and skirt that closely fits to the face.
  • Has squeeze-to-adjust buckles.
  • Has a unique design for maximized field of vision.


If you have a wide chubby face, this mask might not be comfortable to wear; you can consider the Atomic venom frameless scuba mask instead.

4. Hollis M1 frameless scuba diving mask

A mask made for multiple activities, like scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling.

This mask is designed for those with bigger nose and regular-sized face for comfortable fit.

The most important part for any diversity would be the visibility, well then this is one of the perfect mask for that.

M1 mask gives a high optical quality and a vision free of distortion.

The Hollis mask is very attractive, and has a very clear glass with good optical qualities.

It has a low iron content, which brings out higher light transmission, it also reduces that green tint that is noticed in other glasses.

This helps to improve visibility, color and makes it free of distortion, in conditions underwater where low light is present.


  • Has frameless silicone skirt.
  • Very beautiful design.
  • Has low volume and wide clear vision.
  • It’s dry snorkel top prevents water from getting in while underwater.
  • Has a great valve for purging with large exhaust at the bottom for easy clearing.
  • Has very clear lens that is anti-scratch.


Same issue with the Atomic Aquatics frameless scuba mask, will not fit a person with a chubby wide face.

5. ScubaPro frameless gorilla glass scuba mask

One of the first dive mask my friend made use of for his wide face with big nose, it is a super strong, sturdy dive mask, great for wider face and bigger nose.

This dive mask has a larger and wider lens than the original frameless scuba mask from the ScubaPro brand, this is what makes it a perfect choice for divers with wider and larger faces.

It has an expansive view due to its extra-large single lens, its silicone skirt while it is very soft, it is highly durable.

It has a double edge seal that is very comfortable with perfect seal on large faces.

Has an effective, simple-to-use buckle, which is attached to the skirt.


  • Has a buckle attached to the skirt.
  • Has an extra large single lens.
  • Has a frameless unique lens and skirt.
  • Has wide headband that spreads to the back of the head which gives comfortable fit.
  • This mask has a larger double seal skirt than most dive masks which makes it comfortable seal on larger faces.


  • The matte finish might not aesthetically pleasing to some divers.
  • If you have a narrow or skinny face, this dive mask might not be right for you.

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6.  Oceanic shadow frameless dive mask

This dive mask on our list is the second overall best.

This is a great unisex adult dive mask for those with bigger nose and larger face due to the leak-free feature, adjustable neoprene strap, and silicone skirt.

The Oceanic dive mask is great for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Has a 100% liquid silicone skirt, leak free, the silicone skirt is attached directly to the tempered glass lens.

This mask with it’s dual lens design keeps you focused on your underwater objective, and offers the best clarity.

It comes in pink, red, yellow, all black and clear colors and we think that the design is a bit attractive but feminine.

This scuba/snorkeling mask has a low volume design, a silicone color accent that is molded into it.

It comes in medium fit for smaller faces And regular fit for larger faces.


  • A molded silicone color accent with low volume design.
  • Super-clear tempered dual lens.  
  • An adjustable buckle design for perfect fit, with neoprene strap.
  • Fits smaller faces and larger faces.

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Even though the design is attractive and unisex, we think it has a feminine look to it.


Frameless dive mask are the best choice for divers with noses that are on the large or big side.

This is because of the great seal it gives to the wearer because of the no-frame feature.

This list have been complied based on first-hand experience and none of these frameless scuba masks listed in this guide are perfect, so you should know that your experiences might differ.

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