How To Stop Silicone Swim Cap From Slipping Off Your Head

Silicone swim caps are very popular and are considered by most to be one of the best swim caps in the business, this is mainly because of how effective they are in protecting your hair and head when underwater.

What makes silicon swim caps very popular and reliable is that they stretch very well almost twice their size, allowing for easy removal after you are done swimming. 

Unlike other swim caps that don’t stretch all that much, get tangled up in your hair, and yank some of your hair off when you force them off, sometimes they get so caught up in long hairs that they have to cut the hair short to successfully remove the swim cap.

Silicone swim caps work well in keeping your hair dry while submerged in water, covering your hair for comfort, and not yanking any off when you take off the cap.

Other swim caps are also good like the latex swim cap but they don’t function as well as the silicon swim caps when it comes to durability and softness which makes them very comfortable while you swim.

They don’t squeeze into your head so much allowing your head to breathe while it still completely covers and protects your head.

Silicone swim caps are worn for other reasons than to just keep the hair dry while they swim, it is also warm for protection against chlorine in pools mostly by those who are on hair treatments. 

This is because chlorine is dangerous for a perm and colored hairs, they also prevent water from getting into your ears thanks to how fitted they are. 

It also protects the swimmer’s hair from getting caught by the swimming pool drains.

Swim caps also protect against drag also called hydrodynamic drag which is when the swimmer’s hair slows them down by getting in the way of the swimming competition where every second of speed counts, so swim caps, in turn, allow for professional swimmers to swim faster.

Silicone swim caps last longer than other swim caps, it is thicker so it doesn’t tear as easily as other swim caps, thanks to their thickness it helps to keep your head warm in cold water. 

It looks better than other swim caps like the neoprene swim cap and the latex swim cap, unlike the latex and neoprene swim caps that can only have one color, it can have a combination of different colors with a shinier finish.

How to Stop Silicone Swim Cap from Slipping Off Of Your Head

This is a problem that every professional swimmer faces of have faced at one point in time in their swimming career. This would be their swim cap slipping off while they are swimming.

This happens with every swim cap product including the silicon swim caps, the only difference is it is more frequent with some products than others.

I will explain to you some ways that would prevent your swim cap from slipping off, this is the main focus of this article.

Let’s get started.

1# Get the perfect swim cap size for your head:

Before doing anything else get the swim cap that best fits your head, some swimmers get swim caps that are too small for them you need to get a large swim cap that covers your head well, especially those with long hair.

2# Avoid using any product and organize your hair well:

Shower before your swimming session washes the shampoo or any other product out of your hair, or else the swim cap would contact with whatever hair product you are on and slip off your head.

3# If you have long hair, braid or put it in a bun before wearing the cap:

When your long hair is loose it would allow the cap to lose its grip and slip off while you are swimming.

4# Make sure you use the right technique when swimming:

Do not swim while your head is up, you might feel the need to look up to see forward as it is normal to see where you are heading while on land, but that would be an error when swimming it would only lead to your swim cap slipping off. 

So while swimming with the butterfly-stroke endeavor to face down in the water, but with its backstrokes make sure to look at the ceiling this would keep your cap on.

5# Wet your hair and swim cap:

Before you get in the pool to swim make sure you wet your hair well and your swim cap as well, this helps you flatten your hair and lets you put on your swim cap easily. 

Align the swim cap well on your head by pulling the swim cap down to cover the back of your hair properly and also pull it down to your eyebrows in front for a perfect fit on your head.

6# Wear your goggles properly:

Some swimmers wear their goggles under their swim caps I suppose this is more comfortable for them. 

Being comfortable aside if you have the problem of your swim cap slipping off, you should wear your goggles over your swim cap not under this helps to tighten the grip of your swim cap on your head which helps you prevent your swim cap from slipping off.

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