10 Best Rocket Dog Shoes For Women To Invest In This Season

If you didn’t know before now, rocket dog shoes are from a brand in the US that makes sneakers, boots and a bunch of comfortable shoes.

They are a thing at the moment and if you looking for an idea of what type of shoe you can get from their collection, I have got you covered.

If you have not shopped for shoes in a very long time, you would know that most of the thing picking the right footwear can be confusing.

Prior to now, you may have been used to shopping shoes on Amazon and the likes of it, which is not a bad thing.

We sometimes like to switch retailers so as to have variations, that’s when rocket dog shoes comes in.

Today, we will be focusing on rocket dog shoes for women, these shoes have been known to be durable and so comfortable because they don’t have very hard soles.

Here are good examples rocket dog shoes for women to invest in 2022 and years to come.

The Best Rocket Dog Shoes For Women To Own

10 Best Rocket Dog Shoes For Women To Invest In This Season

When it comes to rocket dog shoes, there’s plenty of choice to choose from.

Honestly, low heel footwears will always be in style, so investing in a one will be a good decision for 2022 and beyond.

Note that the shoes listed in this article are the shoes that I think are okay to me, they have a lot of other collection of shoes obviously.

So, assuming you didn’t love the shoes listed on this article are not what you are looking for, you can check out their main website for more choices.

Let’s get started.


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2. CHERI Yellow Platform Slide Sandal

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3. PALOMINO Black Tall Boot

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4. FRAN NUBUCK Brown Clog

5. SATIRE DARK Brown Western Boot

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6. IDEA NATURAL Roll Down Boot

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8. JAZZIN BLACK CANVAS Women’s Sneaker

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9. CHEERY White Sneaker

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10. JAZZIN Multicolored Floral Sneaker

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Where To Buy Rocket Dog Shoes?

You can purchase rocket dog shoes from almost any online retailer store.

However, the retailer stores that do have them in stock are Amazon, Walmart and their from main website at Rocketdog.com

Where Are Rocket Dog Shoes Manufactured?

The popular rocket dog shoes are manufactured in Hayward, California in the United States of America.

Though the brand was originally founded in Santa Monica, their collection of women’s footwear is made elsewhere with the most comfortable materials.

How To Wash My Rocket Dog Shoes?

To wash your footwears from Rocket Dog, it depends on the type of material it is made with.

If it is made of leather avoid using water to clean them, simply clean with a dry microfiber towel and polish if needed.

For the jelly footwears, you can use water plus a mild soap to wash it, air dry.

For the sneakers, a simple brush cleaning with a mild detergent will do the trick.

However, most of the aforementioned shoe cleaning tips also apply to other shoes from any other brand not just rocket dog’s.


So, if I’m you I will rush and order from their website, they actually have other collection of shoes.

Like I mentioned before low heel shoes will never stop trending and one can sometimes get tired of wearing high heels. I know I am.

Investing in a couple of rocket dog footwears will definitely spruce up your wardrobe and save you the trouble of always wearing high heels, your calves will thank you. Trust me.

So, if you love low comfortable heels then these affordable shoes for women from rocket dog are for you.

So, stay true to the trends, and invest in this brand plus save money.

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