31+ Back Tattoos Design Ideas For Everyone

Have you been thinking of getting a tattoo drawn on your back?

Back tattoos often draw a lot of attention to the back especially on the females.

It has been a steady trend amongst millennials because of the elaborate and alluring vibes that it gives off on anyone wearing them.

So you should get why back tattoos have been in existence since the early 2000, and why a lot of people are obsessed with it,

If you have decided that you want a tattoo drawn on your back you are going to need lots of ideas because we all know that tattoos are forever and that it is cheaper and less painful to get one drawn than cleaned.

In this post, you will see over 30 gallery of back tattoo ideas that are trendy and gorgeous that almost anyone can copy!

Unique And Awesome Back Tattoo Designs For Everyone

Like I have mentioned, if you want to get a tattoo on any part of your body in any shape and form, you will need to plan ahead as any mistake will cost you a lot of money to erase.

With that being said, under this heading you will find a gallery of back tattoo ideas for both men and women, meaning that anyone can get it drawn.

Let’s get started.

How bad do back tattoos hurt?

Back tattoos hurts a lot, on a scale of 1 to 10, I will say 11. This is because of how sensitive the human’s back naturally is.

So if you are truly sure that you want to get a back tattoo, prepare your mind before hand for the pre-pain and post-pain by thinking of how awesome and cool it will look once it is healed completely.


Remember that tattoos have meanings, and 90% of people that get tats drawn do not do it for fun, so it doesn’t matter which tattoo you choose from this gallery above, or which gender has it drawn as tattoos are unisex.

Additionally, newly drawn tattoos on the back takes a lot time to heal as opposed to those drawn on the legs.

This is due to moisture touching it during baths, unless you decide to take a bath till it heals completely, of course this is not possible.

However, if you follow the aftercare instructions by your tattooist, it will heal in no time for your to start enjoying your new look.

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