Shaving With Just Water – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

girl shaving with just water

Shaving is very important especially the legs – but do you know how to shave with just water and still keep it clean, hygienic, and free from razor bumps?

Whoihavetobe is here to show you that shaving with just water doesn’t have to be confusing.

Whether you’ve always wanted to know how to shave, benefits of wet water shaving, shaving before or after a tan, what to do before wet shaving or the best razor to shave with, I’ve got some great advice and easy tips to share.

Follow my steps below and make shaving with just water quick and easy.

Can You Shave With Just Water?

Absolutely. It is a choice if you don’t fancy soaps and shaving creams.

The only downside is that you need to be really careful not to go too fast with the razor on your skin to avoid cuts.

Either way, it is safe and okay to shave with just water as opposed to dry shaving.

Benefits Of Shaving With Just Water

They are various benefits of shaving with just water and I am going to list them in no particular order.

This is for anyone who would love to shave without soaps and shaving cream.

The major benefits of wet shaving includes:

  • Protects your skin against razor cuts
  • Allows the razor to glide effortlessly
  • Relaxes your stubborn hair follicles for easy trimmings
  • Protects your skin from alcohols often found in shaving creams; alcohol can sometimes react to sensitive skins

There, you have it, the four major benefits of shaving  with just water.

Though these benefits also apply to any kind of wet shaving, depends on your preference.

How To Shave With Just Water At Home

So, you have been convinced on how shaving with just water is okay and there’s nothing wrong with it?

You now want to know how you can shave with just water by yourself, at home?

Before you start the process of shaving with only water, you may also want to consider exfoliating your skin first using a salt scrub or an exfoliating cloth

These will provide a more thorough exfoliation and can help the shaving razor glide across your skin effortlessly.

I also recommend this razor with 5 blades, it will help prevent bumps and an uneven hair cut.

With that being said, follow the steps below to learn how to shave properly with just water alone:

1. Exfoliate with a salt scrub or an exfoliating cloth

2. Rinse your exfoliated skin with water

3. Now, carefully start shaving with the grain not against the grain just as shown in the photo below. This will help to prevent razor bumps

shave with the grain cartoon image

4. After, rinse thoroughly with cold water and then moisturize generously.

And that is exactly how to shave with just water by yourself at home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaving

As the headline entails, this will answer throbbing questions that you might have about any type of shaving.

They will include questions like: “should i shave my legs before a spray tan”, “why does my leg feel numb after I shave” and more! Let’s begin…

Should I Shave My Legs Before A Spray Tan?

Yes you should and can as it would help the spray tan to blend correctly with your skin.

You should know that any type of shaving removes the top layer of skin, dead skin cells from the skin. 

So shaving prepares your skin for the spray tan and help ensure you best blend.

So, if you’re planning on getting a tan soon, try to shave about 24 hours (a day) before your tan appointment.

Does Shaving After Tanning Remove The Tan?

You want to know if shaving take your tan off ?

The answer is yes and no. Shaving exfoliates your skin so shaving after a tan will definitely remove some of your tan.

So, it is really not advisable because just like shaving before a tan helps preps your skin for a maximum color blend, shaving after tanning will only have the opposite effect.

Why Does My Legs Feel Numb After I Shave Them?

The only reason is that the nerves in your skin have been stimulated continually by razor moving on your skin.

So this means that your nerves need to recharge again in order to feel new sensations.

This is totally normal and sometimes are not due to any underlying condition or disease.

Just remember to rinse your skin with cold water and secondly moisturize after shaving in order to close your pores and protect your skin from infection due to any cuts you might have given yourself during the shaving process.


Shaving with just water may sound like a bad idea, but it’s not. As long you exfoilate before and moisturize after, you’re good to go!

Also, shaving after tanning is not a good idea but shaving before a tan spray at least a day before is advisable.

This is because shaving is also a form of exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells for a blended looking tan.

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