11 Helpful Items To Put In A Meditation Care Package

Nothing screams helpful and thoughtful like a care package received by a loved one.

A care package is a great way to let someone know that you always have them in mind.

There is never a wrong or right time to send someone a care package because they are great mood boosters.

So if you are looking for ideas on a care package for that friend or family who loves meditating, this article is for you!

This guide will give you an idea of the best spiritual or zen gifts for meditation lovers.

A meditation gift can help a loved one practice more mindfulness in a relaxed environment.

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Keep reading to see my picks for a meditation care package for a loved one.

Care Package Items For Meditation Lovers.

These items listed below are things you can put together in a gift basket or box for a friend who is big on reflection, zen, or that spiritual person you care about very much.

1. Zen Meditation Books

Zen books are a must-have for every meditation lover.

Don’t be afraid to surprise your loved ones with one or two books from the vast selection of zen books that are on the market at the moment.

2. Meditation Pillow

Every meditation enthusiast needs a comfortable environment to practice more mindfulness.

Gifting your loved one of these pillows from Amazon will definitely brighten up their day.

These pillows can be used for yoga too, thick and comfortable with reusable covers that are bug and waterproof.

3. Sleep Aid Device

Some devices can help you sleep better, sleep aid devices.

This device can help anyone who is always struggling to get a good night’s rest.

It also helps with concentration which is equivalent to meditation and it is a great addition to any meditation care package.

4. Meditation Playlist

Creating a playlist is like making art. It is so soothing and screams thoughtful.

Imagine gifting your loved one a zen playlist that is perfect for meditation, the look on their face, how happy they would be.

There are many platforms on which one can create playlists like Spotify, Apple Music, or Audiomack.

To choose the perfect music to add a meditative playlist, think calm and deep.

You can create one yourself or you can share this one that I created on Spotify.

Overall, this is actually one of the best gifts for a friend who loves to meditate with music.

5. Inkless Buddha Board

Instant relief for stress, this inkless board is perfect for relaxation.

You don’t have to use ink or paint to draw or write on it, you would only need water.

A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys tranquillity and meditation.

6. Singing Bowl Set

If you are familiar with this singing bowl set, you will know how useful it is especially to anyone into meditation.

Its origin is from Nepal and it is for healing and for achieving a calm state of mind.

If you give this bowl set to your loved ones, they will love you even more for how thoughtful you are.

7. Funny Meditation Merch

Be it mugs, notebooks, or graphic T-shirts, merch is a nice way to represent any logo or brand.

Funny representation of meditation on items can brighten up the mood of anyone who owns them.

So gift any of your friends or family this merchandise which you can find on Amazon.

8. Wooden Posture Bench

Anyone familiar with meditation knows how useful this bench is for meditation.

It is mostly used for the Vipassana type of meditation, maintaining good posture and relaxing more.

Add this to your meditation care package, gift it to someone, and they will thank you forever!

9. Indoor Water Fountain

This is the perfect gift for anyone because water fountains can be very calming and beautiful to look at.

The water sounds can be relaxing and therefore surprisingly relieves stress.

So add this to that care package that you want to send to your meditation lover loved one to make them feel loved.

10. Breathing Necklace

This wearable breathing training device helps with your breathing exercises and thereby reduces stress.

It is one of the best anxiety relief items for people with anxiety.

It comes in a variety of three colors and is quite affordable for a device that does a lot of things.

11. Energy Cleansing Candles

They are many candles in the market and they all do different things.

Some of them are energy cleansing, some are just scented, while some do both.

Gifting your spiritual friend any of them would be lovely because candles irrespective of their functions have great calming and relaxing effects.


There are so many ways to show your meditation enthusiastic loved ones that you care and sending them care packages is one of them.

Everything product I have listed in this article is something you can put together or add to a care package for any meditation lover or that zen friend.

Everyone loves gifts especially the thoughtful ones, gift someone a meditation care package today and watch how much they will start appreciating you more.

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