How To Glow Up In College When You Have No Money

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Glowing up in college can be hard based on a lot of things. The most important factor that seems to hinder glow up is being broke.

Trying to Glow up in college can be hard based on a lot of things like the most important one which is being broke.

Most people skip taking care of themselves due to not having “enough money”.

A glow up isn’t just about expensive things and from personal experience, it has nothing to do with having a lot of money either.

Without further ado, this post is going to teach you ways you can glow up as a college girl without breaking the bank.

Many times I have felt the need to glow up and get my life together.

This whole year I have made up my mind to glow up like 6 times and all those six times, I have only been consistent on the first two weeks.

This is my way of saying that whatever glow-up tips you learn from this post won’t work unless you are consistent, practice every day.

What is a glow up by the way?

A glow up according to a sort of revamp or reinvent.

This means it has a lot to do with your physical, mental, and emotional self.

In this guide, I am going to focus more on the physical part of glow-ups and touch a little on the mental aspect of glow-ups.

A broke college girl’s guide to glow up physically

This is the part where you have to focus on how to take care of your outward look without spending money on any expensive items. Let’s get started.

1. Eat your vegetables

Apart from the other meala you eat daily, add some veggies to eat.

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away literally.

Depending on your whatever your weight goal is, adding a lot of vegetables to your diet won’t disrupt it.

These are ways to do this:

  • A fruit smoothie with a scoop of yogurt or avocado every morning can add some healthy fat to your body.
  • A salad that has cabbage in it, with every meal preps your body to digest your food properly and add important minerals and vitamins to your body as a woman. Cabbage eases inflammation, it can help prevent heart disease and improves digestion.

2. Drink more fluids

Fluids like water and non carbonated drinks are good for you!

Drinking water for no reason can be hard, even I hate drinking water but water helps with a lot of things.

Drinking water is essential for maximum hydration.

Even if you have not eaten anything, drink water.

Last year, I landed myself in the hospital because of I was dehydrated.

And ever since I don’t joke with my healthy drinks, sometimes instead of a soda I opt for a plain unsweetened yogurt which my doctor also recommended.

I also got this bottle that has helped me track my water drinking habits.

3. Start a skincare routine

This is where many girls hold back when it comes to glowing up.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t have to on skincare.

Even if you have acne, an affordable acne treatment like this gel will help you get rid of it with the right dedication.

Exfoliate your body twice a week at night with a body scrub.

I have been making my own body scrubs since forever. Here how I do it:

  • Inside and empty container, add 1 cup of granulated white sugar, any kind of body oil and little body wash (optional).
  • Mix everything together and voila!

Remember to moisturize immediately after exfoliation with any body moisturizer.

4. Pay attention to your dental health

An important part of physical glow-up is your dental health and nothing screams “dirty” like a bad breath.

Please try to brush your teeth every day.

Pay attention to your tongue too, I always use a tongue scraper after brushing my teeth because only a brush can’t do the work.

If needed use a Listerine oral wash from this brand to further alleviate mouth odor.

5. Always dress the part

You don’t have to wear clothes designer brands to look good.

Clean clothes and right colour matching will do.

You can check out this guide on how to match cloth colours for any occasion.

6. Do workout often

I work out three to once a week. It all depends on my mood, LOL.

Doing 20 squats 3 times a week or even 10 sit ups will have feeling stronger and alert.

I don’t recommend exercising every day even if you are trying to reach a body goal.

This is because you have to give your body space to heal and gather more strength for the next workout.

7. Practice safe sexual relations

Be it sex or anything that involves bodily exchange of fluids, make sure you are protected because females are always on the loosing side.

They are prone to STDs and unwanted pregnancy than males.

So whatever you do, protect yourself and go for a pap smear monthly if you can afford it.

If you can’t, do the needful and guard your body for the time being by making sure your partner uses a condom, the best for me is Durex because it rarely bursts.

How to glow up mentally as a college student

Apart from glowing up physically, another aspect of a glow up is mental improvement.

They are things you can do to glow up mentally and they are:

1. Practice mediation

It sounds boring but trust me it works.

Even though it takes a time off the week for half an hour to meditate even if it’s on the weekends.

It helps with mindfulness and mental alertness.

If you don’t know how to meditate, read this article linked below:

Read: How To Actually Meditate Even As A Newbie And Benefit From It

2. Read books

Read a book for 30 minutes every day. It doesn’t matter what book, from your actual class textbooks to a novel or even a motivational book.

It mentally stimulates your brain and helps improve your vocabulary.

3. Limit your social media intake

Take it from someone like me who was obsessed with social media.

It is spinning trouble waiting to happen. It detaches you from the real world and prevents you from getting any real work done.

If you limit the time you spend on social media to 30 minutes a day, you will able to get more real life work done and avoid rush hour.

4. Start a journal

Writing on my journal has helped me keep up with my glow up routine.

With each passing day, I write down my what I have been able to do and promise myself to do more.

It helps to keep tabs on yourself and I recommend journaling for anyone starting a glow up challenge.


The key to any successful glow up both physically and mentally is consistency.

Whether you are in college or not, broke or rich, you should know that consistency = improvement/glow ups.

This post was written to prove to you that you really don’t need to be “rich” to improve yourself.

Also, remember that glow-ups can be temporary and permanent depending on you and you don’t stop taking care of yourself no matter what.

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