64 Funky Nails Design Ideas That Are Trending Now

There are lots of different nail colors available but we chose funky nails today because they can be cute and it is one of the most popular nail trends too.

We think that you will surely fall in love with every single one of these. 

Nails designs can be any style and color. Funky nails have a groovy look to them.

If you are looking for funky nails ideas that you can make for the summer, this article is for you.

A funky nail look can be achieved with any nail polish color, the trick is to make it look jazzy, funky, or bluesy.

The most popular color used when creating funky nails are pastel colors, also acrylics are the best type of nail to get when you want to get that look.

Blue and black nail polish are also great for achieving a funky nail design.

So if you ever decide to get a funky nail design, keep in mind these tips:

  • Acrylics will last longer
  • Pastel colors are perfect for funky looks
  • Blue and black can go too
  • Swirl designs is the poster look for funky nails

Here are a gallery of 64 funky nails design ideas that are trending now.

Funky Nails Design Ideas


There you have it, 64 funky nails design Ideas that are trending now.

So for your next nail appointment, use this article as a guide to what kind of funky nail you should get.

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