Chunky Braided Headband: Easy Tutorial

Woman on an orange chunky braided headband smiling widely

Braided headbands are trending now and so are the chunky ones.

Chunky braided headband refers to the ones with volume, sort of thicker than the regular braided headband.

Most people including I prefer the chunky headband to them regulars.

Chunky braided headbands create a stylish statement, always noticed, and will give you all the right attention.

It goes well with almost any outfit as long as the colour matches.

It gives this sophisticated look of a rich boss lady, I especially love wearing them to weddings and church even though you can wear them to any occasion.

Today, in this post I’ll be teaching you how you can make your own chunky braided headband with just a few easy to attain items.

This tutorial would only take a few minutes and the supplies for it are mostly what you might have laying around in your home.

Even if you don’t, they are very cheap to buy and I will leave links to buy them as you read on.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fabric of any kind and colour
  • Needle and thread or Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Old pillow fillings

See! I told you that what you will need for this tutorial is easy to attain except for the sewing machine which most people might not have.

If you are good with a needle, you can use that because this tutorial will not require a lot of sewing.


  • Cut three pieces of fabric to 24 inches by 4 inches using a measuring tape
  • Fold the fabric together and sew along the right side edge of the fabric, repeat this for all pieces
  • Once done, turn the fabric tube inside out and fill each pipe looking fabric with old pillow fillings
  • Stack the three pieces of fabric and sew together
  • Loosely box braid the fabric and sew together again end to end just to form a ring
  • Now, for the final part cut out 4 inches by 4 inches of the same fabric.
  • Neatly fold over the place you joined the braided fabric together.
  • Sew together as tight as possible and finally, trim off the extra fabric and you’re done!

How To Style Chunky Braided Headband

You can wear your headband with almost anything outfit but some outfits are better than others.

Put together looks go very well with chunky headbands.

Avoid rocking your chunky headbands with too casual wear.

How to care for your headbands

Under this topic I will be discussing how to wash, if you should wash, how to store and where to store your headbands so that they will last as long as possible.

Knowing the proper way to care for your head gears is even more important than making one.

If cared for properly, the fabric colour won’t fade or get dirty.

More ways to care include:

  • Only handwash your headbands only when needed
  • After every wear, air dry to eliminate dampness from sweat
  • Store your headbands in an open box in a non- dusty area. I use this clear storage box to keep mine. You can use any kind of box or even a carton as long as it doesn’t have a cover, this will allow free air and easy access for whenever you want to wear them.


This easy tutorial of how to make chunky braided headband is something I took out time to write using the simplest words as possible.

I hope you enjoyed making your headband on your own.

If you did make yours comment below and let me know how much time it took you to.

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