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Bible Affirmations That Will Give You A Reason To Carry On

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There are many verses in the bible about different needs such as hope, success and a whole lot. In this post I will be writing about biblical affirmations that will give you reason to carry on.

When we put faith in God, put our hope in Him even when things have not begun to change that is us believing that everything is possible through Him that strengthens us.

If God wants to be our father and us his children, we get to trust in Him that whatever we ask of Him will come to us. In Romans chapter 8 verses 32, which says and I quote:

“He who did not spare His own son, how will He not also freely give us all things?”

This means that once we allow God to take the wheel in our lives, we can sleep with our eyes closed, literally.

These bible affirmations below will help you stay put in your faith in Him, they will also assure you with peace to carry on, no matter what you are going through at the moment. Be blessed as you read on.

Bible Affirmations For Overcoming Personal Storms

“I am not destined for stumbling or failure. I have a noble purpose and a hope.” – 1 Peter 2 vs 8-9

“I am important to Gor and he will take care of me.” – Matthew 6 vs 25-44

“God will help me” – Isaiah 41 vs 13

“I trust God.” – Psalm 56 vs 3

“God is in charge of my life and I look to him for answers to my questions” – Psalm 16 vs 2

“God will give me rest” – Matthew 11 vs 28-30

“God will neither forsake or leave me” – Joshua 1 vs 5

“God cares about me and He will take away this anxiety” – 1 Peter 5 vs 7

“I will hold on, this is perfecting me.” – James 1 vs 2-4


Pray with the scriptures to help you wherever you are feeling overwhelmed with the struggles of life.

Declaring these affirmations over your life daily will calm your spirit.

They will also remind you of God’s promises and love and remind you of how much He loves you.

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