The 5 Best Compact Camera Perfect For Scuba Diving

Are you looking for the best compact camera for scuba diving?

Whatever reason you want to go diving for, don’t worry we have got you covered.

You want to take beautiful pictures of sea life, or make interesting videos of your activities underwater then you certainly need a good compact camera to get all that done.

Either you are an expert diver or you are just starting to get the ropes of how to go scuba diving, these compact cameras would be perfect for the occasion.

In this guide, we will review some of the best compact camera to use for scuba diving, snorkeling, and all underwater activities; you just have to make your pick and you’re good to go.

1. LeadEdge Action camera 4k/30FPS

best compact camera for scuba diving

This is one of the most effective compact camera I have made use of when I first started diving, it has a remote control which is one of my favorite things about it.

It also comes with an entry-level electric stabilizing function (EIS Function) and an external microphone which can help to better capture and record sound plus an action camera with 20mp photo resolution, which helps to capture activities with ease

The entry-level stabilizing function helps to stabilize photos and to it helps to reduce blur in imagines, it has a waterproof housing which allows for dives as deep as 40meters

Extra features

  • Has Wi-Fi and remote control
  • 1050 mAh battery, two batteries actually
  • It has accessory kit
  • Dual microphones
  • Comes in two kinds: with red filter and without.
  • It also has multifunction recording, enables it to record different things.

2. Furado Action camera

This is a full HD sport camera, very useful for diving, also can be used for outdoor sports. The high definition camera allows for 1080p video photography.

It also allows for clearer and smoother pictures plus a detachable battery which allows for easier diving, among other activities like sports where you have hiking, swimming activities, mountain bike riding etc. enables for filming anywhere, anytime, any day.

although this a bit on the expensive side, this is a camera we guarantee you would really enjoy using underwater.

Extra features

  • Fpv mounting accessories kit
  • A 140 degree wild angle.
  • Has HD 1080p sports camera
  • Dive deep at least 30meters
  • Has rechargeable, detachable 900 mAh battery
  • It has 2 LCD screen.

3. VEMONT full HD 2.0 inch action camera

best camera for diving

This is one of the cheapest compact camera for scuba diving in the market right now, but it is very effective nonetheless. It has a removable battery of 900mAh, which would give you battery life of 90 minutes max, battery is also rechargeable.

Allows for diving underwater for at least 30meters, which is roughly 98ft and as a professional you can dive deep like 30meters with this camera.

This camera is also equipped with waterproof boxes and it has other activities it can be used for asides diving like:

  • Riding a bicycle
  • Climbing
  • Swimming 
  • It has mounting accessories which allows for attachment to cars, bike helmets, surf boards etc.
  • It also has 2inch LCD screen with wide angle lens,, which allows for really clear videos and pictures.

4. AKASO V50 Action camera

best camera for diving

Another amazing camera to use for diving, very effective. This camera also has a remote control, which allows for easy control.

It uses touch screen, very sharp that responds immediately as you tap on it. The touch screen has 2inch IPS.

Has underwater 4k Wi-Fi, with 40M EIS anti-shake cam. You can record very sharp clear footage with the native 4k/30fps, which in turn allows for ultra-clear videos and photos. Takes the most beautiful pictures, and videos as long as you use it properly.

Extra features

  • Has electronic image stabilizer
  • Lens have adjustable view angles
  • Has loop recording
  • Diving mode
  • Self-timer
  • Has two rechargeable batteries, 1350mAh batteries
  • Has a charger, and a wristband with remote control
  • Has micro SD card slot.

5. Apexcam 4k Action camera

best compact camera for snorkeling

This camera has a wide angle range which makes it very good for diving, the one time I used it, I had a very nice experience. The picture and video quality is really good, and it isn’t all too expensive either.

It comes with 20MP Wi-Fi camera, which has 40 m 170° wide angle ultra HD underwater camera. Remote control with 2.4G time lapse.

It also has 2.0 inch LCD Screen and 1050 mAh batteries. Allows for diving for at least 40meters, has 15meters Wi-Fi and USB port.

Extra features

  • It has time lapse
  • Driving mode and slow motion  
  • Loop recording
  • Equipped with two batteries
  • Image reverse
  • Remote control which you wear on your wrist, and it is wireless


With these compact cameras’ you are good to go where ever and whenever you want to go diving, they are cameras that have been reviewed properly by our team.

They work remarkably well and so take your pick or you can very well purchase them all.

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