37+ Sexy and Awesome Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Do you like tattoos and are you considering getting one?

Tattoos have become a popular fashion accessory over the years and because of the growing trend, it is one of the coolest to do.

Leg tattoos are not really common but they are awesome and attractive to behold.

If you decide to get a tattoo on your leg, you might want to see ideas through pictures of people that have gotten tattoos on their legs too.

There are a lot of dope tattoos ideas for the lower body, ranging from over the knee tattoos designs, top of the feet tattoos to ankle tattoos designs, and the best thing about tattoos is that they look great on any gender.

In this post, you will see over 37 sexy, chic and attractive images of leg tattoos that will give you an idea of what to draw on your leg if you are considering a leg tattoo.

Attractive Leg Tattoos Design Ideas to Copy

Before getting a tattoo on your legs, you need to consider the location and how big you want it to be.

A larger tattoo on your leg will take a lot of time and is more painful than a smaller one.

Additionally, a tattoo at the front of your leg will be more painful than the one at the back of your leg due to the bony tendons at the front side of the leg which makes that area very sensitive.

Let’s get started.


If you ever decide to get a tattoo and you want it on your legs, then this post is for you.

Although getting a tattoo on the leg can be very painful as that area is very sensitive but its not as painful as knee tattoos which hurts a lot more.

However, they do come out very sexy and attractive when they heal completely.

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