27 Aesthetic Edgy Acrylic Nails Design Ideas That Are Very Bold

Do you want acrylic nails design ideas for this new season?

Or edgy acrylic nails to show your nail technician for inspiration.

Or maybe you are looking for pictures of aesthetic edgy acrylic nails design ideas?

Edgy nails are usually made with black and white colours, so other dark shades colours.

They often have these grunge or gothic look about them and they are not at all shouty and bright.

If you are trying to get your nails done anytime soon, you will need some ideas on what colour, type, style and length of nails to get.

However, choosing a nail design can be difficult.

This is because you might want to pick a unique style, a comfortable colour, the right shade of colour that will compliment  your skin tone.

As a result, you need a little help and that is why articles like this exist on the internet.

This article contains pictures of aesthetic edgy acrylic nails design that will inspire your inner eyes for your next manicure appointment.

You will find over 27 edgy acrylic nails design ideas that are bold and daring and will compliment your style.

Bold Aesthetic Edgy Acrylic Nails Design Ideas To Try

Under this heading, you will see pictures of edgy nails with different nail art and nail polish colours.

Most of these nails are easy to DIY on your own or you can show your nail technician to make them for you.

And most importantly, these pictures are not mine and the only reason they are in this article is for educational and promotional purposes. All credits to original creators.

Let’s get started.

Smoky snowflakes black nails is a look for days. This edgy nail design is so simple and yet attractive and can work with just about any outfit and occasion.

French tips with black colour and white sprinkles is just a look. This nail design gives off a gothic yet classy look perfect for any occasion.

Smokey spiral stiletto nails is what you call these nails design. It can be achieved with any other colour but I highly recommend that you use black, grey or brown.

These brown 3D with a touch of yellow nail polish are just about as edgy and bold as one can go. It can almost go with any skin tone and if you want to go bolder add some 3D flowers on the index fingernail, it’d look great.

Now, this is a look and we all know what vibe it’s giving off. Lol. This edgy / emo design is perfect for just about anyone who is tired of boring cliche nail designs.

You can never go wrong with yellow nail designs especially the ones with aesthetic nail art.

If you decide to get this particular nails design, alternate the blue with black in case you don’t like blue nail colour.

Colourful fruit basket and skull nail design is a very bold look. A lot of people hardly enjoy bright nail polish colours on their nails.

However, this nail look has found a way not to be shouty yet bold and it is great look.

With the detailing and shape of these nails design, It will probably be the next nail designs I will try out.

Call it a moon face, sun face nail design or you can call it sun emoji design is a cool and bold look for anyone who is looking to start making edgy acrylic nails.

This geometric edgy nail design is graceful looking and for a fact classy.

If you enjoy looking at lines and nail adornments then try out this look on your next nail appointment.

3D snake coffin nails is what we call this nail look. It is a bit over the edge as it should lol.

The snake adornments and gold decals adds a royal yet gothic look to these nails.

Red and white pirates design nails is a look that can go with any outfit style because that is we should always consider before getting nails done.

These nails can also be a look on Christmas and even Halloween, one look for two seasons, look at that!

This bold nail design can stand out in just about any outfit.

If you like it bold, then go for this look because the bolder the better.

Gold designs on nails are a look now and this teal green colour really sharpens this look.

Halloween nails = edgy nails. These nails is a look. You can’t even go wrong with the pink colour, you can use any colour you like if you ever decide to get this look for yourself.

Abstract edgy nails is the name for this look. Simple and classy yet still bold enough to grab a lot of attention.

I personally love this nail design, it looks so royal and graceful and it’s acrylic and that means it will last a long time.

So, if you are thinking of getting this look. Do it! You will not regret it.

Spiral nails are trending right now and this rainbow nails isn’t far from the spiral trend.

With the snowflakes and flowers designs, why wouldn’t you even think of getting this exact piece.

I know that using different colours on your nails isn’t something a lot of people will enjoy.

But the above nail look looks terrific and trust me you wouldn’t regret it if you do.

Next, I present to you, this pink grunge nail look with little bat decals on it.

This look is perfect for Halloween and it also looks chic and minimal, great for anyone who doesn’t want to use a lot of nail art designs.

This witchy nails design is a look to go for. The cat drawing makes it look so much better.

I will give this a thumbs up and extra five stars because I am obsessed with the look.

If you loved the cat nail look above then you’d notice that this nail design is similar to it but just with butterflies.

Nails like this is perfect for nail enthusiasts who want to stand out and want to take a rest from bright and pastel nails colours.

Ghostbusters nails design is a look to crave for. I really can’t find words to describe this nail design but look at it.. they are so perfect and colourful.

If you loved the Ghostbusters nail before this one, then you will also love this look.

This Almond shaped nails with ghost and moon designs is a good edgy look for any occasion.

This is the first purple edgy nails designs on this list of 27 edgy acrylic nails design ideas and I love the whole coffin shape going on.

This stiletto Boho Chic nail set from Victoriac07 on Instagram is giving off tumblr grunge vibes. If you love yellow and everything bright; copy this look on your next Manicure appointment.

These edgy nails are my second best nail set other than the moon and sunlight nails above. It’s so classy and still finds a way to appear gothic and grungy.

Lastly on our list is this red edgy beauty. It speaks bold and beautiful and if you’re the type of person who enjoy standing out among the crowd then this nail design is a look to copy.


If you ever decide to go for the edgy and bold nail look, then this article should be like a guide to you.

Also remember that to achieve some of these edgy nail looks is extremely easy and some will need the help of a nail professional.

So, decide the look you want, recreate it and rock it with any outfit for any occasion like Halloween and you can wear it on any season too.

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